Cuban mother sentenced to 15 years in prison for protesting 9/11 dies

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Monday 12 February 2024

María del Carmen Leal Herrera, mother of political prisoner Yoane Moru Leal, died after she was sentenced to 15 years in prison for demonstrating in the Cárdenas municipality of Matanzas province on 11 July.

According to what he said, Belita, as everyone called her, died of a heart attack at the age of 59.

Activist Marcel Valdés complained and expressed regret over the Cuban woman’s death.

“Yesterday, February 10, María del Carmen Leal Herrera passed away. She indicated, “This condition began when Castro’s dictatorship separated her from her son; on each trip she left with chest pain.”

“Another mother who could not bear the burden of pain, another family member died while her loved one was unjustly imprisoned. Look at the condition it is in, the regime has completely destroyed it,” he indicated.

“Personally, I can attest that Belita was a warrior, here I show you the first message she wrote to me, there is no doubt that she was an excellent mother and a great Cuban. Rest in peace beautiful, I know from heaven you will take care of your son, he will come out of that dungeon. Another victim of the communist Castro dictatorship #ProhibidoOlvidar,” condemned Valdés through the social network.

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