CES 2024: Artificial intelligence takes over the auto industry with digital revolution

KIA presented a modular car ideal for package delivery, transportation and public use. (KIA)

CES is the place to see not only new televisions, computers or video game accessories, but also new automobiles such as electric cars, autonomous cars and integration with artificial intelligence.

In the 2024 edition we have seen some brands like KIA, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Sony announce products they already have ready, others they are building and some announce prototypes for the distant future.

He returned to CES after several years of absence and did so to show The prototype of its modular car is called Concept PV5. This vehicle will be able to change shape Adapting to different needs at a commercial level, such as home delivery, transportation service or public use.

it is The first phase of the PBV (Platform Beyond Vehicle) plan which goes beyond the development of electric cars and includes building commercial fleets Customized solutions and targeted solutions to reduce downtime and increase profitability.

Too, It will include artificial intelligence to ensure that the vehicles are always updated And can be integrated with various advancements in the future.

Kia returns to CES 2024 after several years of absence. (infobae)

company presents BMW 9 Operating Systemwhich allows access to video games inside the car ConnectedDrive Store, This store has third-party applications along with music, audio, news and magazine platforms.

It was also announced BMW theater screen, which Provides access to live channels and on-demand multimedia content from the vehicle’s central screen. With this technology, they presented augmented reality glasses xreal air 2Which allows information and entertainment while driving, giving driving instructions in real time environment.

BMW integrated a digital store into its cars for downloading applications and video games. (BMW)

Finally, they showed the personal assistant, which is powered by the Broad Language Model Alexa, This collaboration with Amazon Improves communication between driver and car, providing conversational feedback about vehicle performance.

This year the company showed a feature named mbux sound driveIn collaboration with artist and businessman will.i.am, The feature, which is expected to be available in mid-2024, will allow drivers to sync music with their driving activities, creating an “interactive music experience.”

This system uses software and sensors that connect the vehicle’s hardware to the music, allowing React to driving activities in real time, It is designed to incorporate calm music that matches the speed of the windshield wipers, or increase the speed of an EDM beat as the car accelerates.

Mercedes aims to make Sound Drive an “open music platform”, inviting artists from around the world to create tracks for various driving functions via the MBUX operating system.

Mercedez-Benz created a system to coordinate music with driving. (Mercedes-Benz)

Goodyear and ZF he designed the technology Sightline, which has a vehicle speed control software is called ZF Cubix, The alliance between the two companies seeks to improve safety and efficiency in driving by providing data management tools.

This system has the ability to collect valuable information about the condition and performance of the tires, to the point of generating a response in the vehicle. For example, this technology is able to detect aquaplaning caseWhich is the accumulation of water in tires to generate automatic corrective actions and avoid accidents.

Aquaplaning detection can not only alert the driver to the presence of this phenomenon, but also adjust speed to maintain control. In more serious cases, cubix You can take immediate steps to stabilize the vehicle, which will increase safety and reduce the chances of accidents.

Company presented to Afila, its electric car concept has been developed in collaboration with Honda. Izumi Kawanishi, director, president and chief operating officer of Sony Honda Mobility, drove the car to the stage, controlling it by remote control. PlayStation 5.

Izumi Kawanishi, director, president and chief operating officer of Sony Honda Mobility, is in charge of driving the car to the stage and controlling it with a PlayStation 5 controller. (infobae)

It is a model, which is expected to be available in 2026, will include Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) and in addition, users will be able to virtually live the driving experience through the Gran Turismo 7 game.

In addition, they announced the use of Vision Transformer, a technology that provides the car’s environmental perception and the implementation of machine learning for route planning. They also collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies for the use of high-performance SoC (System on Chip) in the car and partnered with Microsoft to develop an AI entertainment system that improves the driver experience.

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