Messi met a fan at a traffic light and his reaction was amazing

There are countless qualities on the field that make him proud and rank him among the best players in history; off the field – meanwhile – to Lionel Messi Its simplicity is what sets it apart. Without going any further, in the last few hours he went viral for a shocking gesture he made with a compatriot at a traffic light.

At that time he decided to accept the offer inter miami and leave the big league Europe, more than one football fan expressed his sadness considering that he still has a lot of room to showcase his talent in the elite division. As time passed, it became clear that this was not just a sporting issue, but the Rosario man moved on and thought about peace usa To enjoy the last years of his career.

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He understood this very cleverly North America This was the ideal place to “hang out” after dropping off the winning bag World Cup (Qatar 2022) with argentina national team, And, judging by what was shown in the first months, the determination was correct. Despite the professionalism that characterizes them of MLS Gave him some licenses which perhaps he did not have at that time. old continentAlso the power to make illogical gestures, as he did recently.

It is still not known for certain whether it was a twist of fate or if it was something predestined, but Leo played in the two countries that Argentines chose most when they were about to leave their land and seek a better future. I was thinking: spain And usa, The city of Miami is probably the most attractive option for our compatriots, who flocked to the place because of the language (among other things).

Messi met a fan at a traffic light and his reaction was amazing


“10” was always very helpful to the fans, especially to his compatriots.

Leo knew that upon arriving at this institution that he defends, he would constantly have to face the people of his hometown, which is why whenever he goes on an outing or travels to a destination due to work commitments So he feels “at home”. On this occasion, the world’s best player did a commendable job with one of his supporters. argentina national team Who stopped him at the traffic light. As if it was a normal thing for him, the Rosario man accepted the fan’s request, rolled down his window and signed the Albiceleste shirt.

“Please, Leo. You are the greatest thing in the world. I love you Leo. You have fulfilled my son’s dream, I can’t believe it. You don’t know what you just did. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. “I love you,” he shouted at her from the other car, while they both stood in a double line in the middle of the road and Rosario’s man signed the shirt he liked the most. This sentiment is normal for Messi, despite the fact that he is one of the most sought-after celebrities on the planet.

As expected, the video quickly went viral and was greatly liked by a large portion of internet users. “Messi is the greatest in history even for things like this”, “What a beautiful gesture, please”, “My captain is impressive”, “Real great guy”, “Messi was in the car, they threw the Argentina shirt at him.” , Leo laughed and signed it, absolutely great guy”, were some of the comments that were displayed x, Instagram And TIC Toc,

Although there are no details as to when and where this sequence took place, it matters little to their fans. The greatest dimension is that the Argentine captain enjoys every day with the South American public the pleasant situation he achieved, especially with the last one achieved. qatar world cup 2022 And this copa america 2021 received in brazil Against the host (he also won) finalissima from this perspective Italy,

How is Messi’s sporting life continuing?

Argentina continues the set-up inter miamiWho have already played two friendly matches against the national team guard And fc dallas, Now he is preparing for his next trip to Saudi Arabia. there will be a new rival Al-Hilal this Monday while they will face each other on February 1st al nassar Of Cristiano Ronaldo, This last match is in doubt due to the injury suffered by Lusitanian and which led to the cancellation of two scheduled matches. China,

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