CES 2024: Heart rate monitors in women’s sportswear

HRM-Fit clips onto the bottom of your sports bra. (Garmin)

garmin announced in ces 2024 Launch of its new heart rate monitor hrm-fitA chest strap that promises to be compatible sports bra and stands for Comfort and portability.

This device, which comes with a price tag of $150, includes improved features sleep score, Dance and Fitness ActivitiesAnd contactless payment,

Furthermore, it guarantees accurate heart rate measurements even when attached to sports bras and is designed to fit bras from brands such as Adidas And Under Armour,

It works without carrying the watch with you and has the ability to record and store various training data, which is then synchronized with the user’s smart watch.

However, it is also compatible garmin smart watchesWhich can display detailed information about the user’s speed, distance in kilometers (miles) and leg length.

HRM-Fit will work with medium and high support sports bras. (Garmin)

He hrm-fit Solves a problem that other chest straps have not addressed: discomfort and sweat accumulation under sports bras, through the adaptive clip design of the lower band, suitable for medium and high-level support.

Additionally, it offers compatibility with various devices, such as edge cycling computer and other fitness devices from the brand, as well as the ability to capture heart rate data across various physical activities.

The Lily 2 (the two watches on the left) have silicone straps. The Lily 2 Classic has nylon and leather straps. (Garmin)

He hrm-fit It is part of the new range of products introduced by garmin In this ces 2024Which also includes new smart watch models lily 2 And Lily 2 Classic.

The first follows the line of its original predecessor from 2021, both have the size 35mm (1.38 inches) and maintain its focus on the female audience.

Both models are equipped with functions like heart rate monitoring, blood pressure evaluation sleep quality And GPS are linked.

lily 2 While the model costs $250 the most luxurious Its price is 280 dollars.

These watches not only offer motion alerts with suggested activities and fitness tracking but also include a sports app.

and only lily 2 classic Integrates contactless payment feature through on garmin,

The company updates the Garmin Connect app. (Garmin)

moreover, garmin has prepared an important update for the web and mobile version of its application garmin connect,

The interface has been improved by adding customizable sections such as today’s activity, training plans And Approach,

These improvements are now available for beta testers and the final version of the update is expected to be released before the end of the current year.

Let’s remember that the app focuses on customizable sections, highlighting training, performance metrics. health and FitnessAnd will provide a more intuitive and accessible interface for monitoring physical activity.

CES 2024 is being organized in Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January. Companies announce the most notable products and new technologies to be launched in the coming months. (infobae)

He Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the most important fair in the technology industry as it brings together the greatest innovations and trends that will mark the future of the sector. And in 2024, when it celebrates 57 years of history, it is expected to attract more 130,000 presentA figure that will exceed the number recorded in last year’s edition.

New developments in mobility, food and sustainability technology, as well as advances in the health, finance, beauty and retail sectors are projected to be protagonists of the fair, which will also be significantly influenced by related developments. artificial intelligence,

on mythological basis Las Vegas Convention Center, CES 2024 will be held over the course of four months, from January 9 to 12. While the keynote speech on the first day of the event will take place at 8:30 am (Pacific Time).

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