Cesar 2024: What do the red pins worn by Adele Exarchopoulos and other stars mean?

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A great sports fan, he likes to know what is hidden in the lives of athletes, but he does not neglect movie or singing stars. After a long trip to the far north of Canada, he returned more determined than ever to see what was going on among the people of France and elsewhere.

It’s a small pin that went relatively unnoticed during the Caesar ceremony, but it has an important meaning. From Adele Exarchopoulos through Gala Hernandez Lopez to Kaouther Ben Hania, many recipients wore it this Friday, February 23, at the Olympia.

Cesar 2024: What do the red pins worn by Adele Exarchopoulos and other stars mean?

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This year, the Cesar ceremony was intended to be more politicized than ever before. In a very difficult context following the serious allegations made against several French directors and actors, Judith Godreche gave a moving and much-anticipated speech and the emotions in the room were palpable. “We can decide that men accused of rape cannot come rain or shine in the cinema. That sets the tone, as they say. We cannot ignore the truth. We cannot stop such a culture of impunity, denial and privilege. We cannot be at such a level that morality rises above our heads. We must set an example.”The actress made the announcement, accusing filmmakers Benoit Jacquot and Jacques Doillon of raping a minor.

A very meaningful speech, but that’s not the only reason it was heard during the event, which saw Justin Tritt and his film, anatomy of fall, end the evening as a big winner. Many celebrities wore a red pin on their clothes with an orange hand drawn inside and a black heart in its hollow. This is especially the caseAdele ExarchopoulosWhom we saw going on the stage (All photos can be found in the slideshow) received the Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in i will always see your faces, by Jean Hary. As shown in Huffington PostIt’s a symbol of support for Palestinians that Mark Ruffalo wore to the Directors Guild of America Awards a few weeks ago.

Caesar 2024: Strong words from Kaouther Ben Hania and Arieh Worthalter

The 30-year-old actress did not make any political demands while giving thanks, which is not the case with all winners. tunisian director Kaouthar Ben Haniyawho received the Cesar for Best Documentary daughters of olphaTo also wear this pin and call “Stop the Genocide” During his appearance on stage. director Gala Hernandez LopezWinner of Best Short Film with fluid mechanicsalso said a word on this struggle, calling for “France will be concretely involved in situations like those that the Palestinian people are experiencing today.”, The latter wore a slightly different pin representing a watermelon, a symbol used since October 7 to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

After all, if he hadn’t been wearing that famous red pin, Arieh WorthalterBest actor for his role goldman testParticularly wanted to say strong words on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “Calling for a ceasefire in Gaza because life demands it”,

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