Julian Quinones orders Sepulveda off after US vs Cruz Azu

It’s very hot, this is how the conflict happens America and Cruz Azulaccording to day 8 of the tournament Completion 2024 of Liga MXA match in which the team won 1-0 andre jardin And there was a scuffle between the members of both the teams.

What happened between Quinones and Sepulveda?

In the discussion after the end of the game, Julian Quinones and Angel Sepulveda He starred in one of the most tense moments of the conflict, as the Azulcrema striker did not hesitate gag order to the element of Machine.

A video circulated on social networks showing a naturally developed Mexican football player. ‘Ignoring’ Sepulvedawhich he boasted about five titles Which they have won in Mexican football.

In the video – which also caused controversy due to his attitude Jonathan ‘Cabacita’ Rodriguez– You can see how they face each other sepulveda and Quinones, and as before he proudly shows the opponent the shield of C.blue rouge, Immediately, the Azulcrema attacker showed him his tattoo of Liga MX trophies.

Why was Cabecita Rodriguez criticized?

In the same clip you can see how cabecita rodriguezFormer Cruz Azul player and now also member of América sepulveda facesHe signals her with his hand to go and also pushes her, due to which she has to do so quinones Will push the celestial.

“You may have helped make La Novena and everything you want, but you are already more pale than Zagu”; “The bitch is attacking from behind, pinch* mercenary”, “Here it is shown that they do not know how to lose or win, and it hurts them not to be in Cruz Azul”; “I’ll keep saying this cabecita of the ninth was one And the player he is now is not the player he was then.”

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