Cesar Prieto at St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training

You have one of the greatest chances Cuba That’s Cienfuguero Cesar Prieto. He left the island to seek and succeed in a contract with a Major League Baseball team, but that process has been delayed.

Cesar Prieto is only 24 years old and although in baltimore orioles He didn’t get the opportunity to showcase his talents, now he plans to reach the St. Louis Cardinals “Big tent.”

Cesar Prieto numbers in MiLB

Second baseman from the Greater Antilles has good numbers for life in the lower leagues of MLB and the future spring training This is the perfect setting to show himself and demonstrate that he has the level to fight for a spot on the Cardinals’ final roster.

To reach this stage it is essential to train in the backfield with good rhythm which will be important in your career. nolan gorman And brandon donovan They are their competition for the middle within the franchise and although they are not top players, they are already players who know MLB inside out.

We’ll have to wait for the Cienfuegos native’s final appearance, but this will be the season we finally see him on the world’s best baseball diamond.

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