Emily Blunt doesn’t want a ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ sequel at all

sequel to Devil Wears Prada , Too little for Emily Blunt! In the eyes of the actress, who starred alongside Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in the 2006 film, which has since become a classic, it would be wrong to do it again. In fact, if the stars never align to turn another chapter, it’s undoubtedly for the best.

“Sometimes things need to be cherished and protected and left in their bubble and that’s okay,” he said during an appearance on the podcast. happy sad confused, Especially on this point, Emily Blunt is sure the rest of the cast agrees with her!

And what does Meryl Streep think?

“Come to think of it, didn’t Meryl say something funny about that?” He was asked if he was up for a sequel, and he replied, “Yes, if I don’t have to lose weight.” I even think she said, “Very heavy,” Emily Blunt added, slightly distorting her colleague’s words.

Meryl Streep actually addressed this topic on Access Hollywood in 2012. “I will be ready for it. I just need to lose so much weight,” she said. But hey, it’s not certain that Meryl Streep will give the same speech more than ten years later!

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