Charlene of Monaco throws Caroline and Stephanie out of the disco; Jalil Lespert against Halidesse Leticia; Rosalie ex-Delan redesigns the family; Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock’s romance; Kim Kardashian separates couple, Taylor Swift holds umbrella

Charlene of Monaco at the disco ball at the Rose Ball. The princess had not stepped into this pompous evening for 10 years, giving her in-laws all the spotlight. This year, Pars Match indicated that it could not resist the theme, Disco Years. She donned her most beautiful glittering sheath, styled her hair in a bob and after “sitting in her chair” launched into a frenzied chore for Gloria Gaynor, live, “quickly followed by Albert”. The hot duo opened with “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and moved on to “I Am What I Am.” “Incredibly festive this year” for some of the 800 guests, the ball’s organizer, Christian Louboutin, could congratulate himself. However, we will note the questionable styling of his Afro wig with his goose poo brown suit, but what you want is you can’t have everything.

“Johnny had a life in front of him.” Beam, uppercut from Jalil Lespert’s crew who is intent on not letting that happen. Leticia Holiday took over all of the singer’s records? Not bad either, the director decided not to abandon his project and turn to other people close to Johnny, showing that he has no desire to slowly die down. Zen uncoupling like Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t for today.

Virginie Efira comes out of retirement, 7 months after giving birth, the actress is here on the front pages, brilliantly paparazzied in Paris, in the rain, with her partner, Niels Schneider, and in the stroller where their little hero is sitting. “She wants to get married” and “For the last 15 days, she has been leaving her son with the nanny to go to work. » It is a joyful event after being able to take advantage of the first gazas-gazas. Motherhood Ideal time for vacation?

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Renaud remarried; Orelson has a baby, Kim Kardashian has a new fiancée and psoriasis; David Beckham is crazy about his new girl, Heidi Klum is crazy about dildos and sausages; Clooney is different, Madonna is four-on-one; Celine Dion pays her son

kim kardashian againalone : The influencer may have decided to dump his American football player two weeks after his last public appearance. This sweet couple was only a year old and seemed to be growing slowly but surely, they even let it be known that they were “special to each other” – for American culture, this is a big part of a relationship. Is the phase. Missed. Perhaps the slight ambiguity surrounding their union was actually due to boredom.

Grilled! Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock Seen leaving a luxury clinic specializing in cosmetic surgery. However, both friends try to deny its use on a regular basis. Rachel/Jennifer tried to assure us that “people think I use and abuse botox but that’s not true”. As for Sandra, she had cruelly invented an allergy while her face was completely swollen. My eye! In any case, they do it as a group…

51 year old Cameron Diaz has become a mother for the second time. No, don’t shout too loudly, Dr. Severino Antinori’s work is not working (do you remember the mad scientist who gave birth to 62-year-old women and who claimed to have cloned humans?). No, even the actress hasn’t adopted it, why deprive yourself when you can tailor (react?) Wait, the best is yet to come: the little one is called Cardinal. Admit that on this Easter eve, the Cardinal, whose mother never gave birth, is Croquignolet, right? More people are missing than donkeys and oxen.

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Rihanna is making ends meet in Paris, Charlene of Monaco is struggling; Is Taylor Swift Already On The Verge Of A Breakup? The sweet friendship between Brad Pitt and Ines in LA, Tony Parker insta-broke; Tom Cruise hosts tea parties, Atal’s dog urinates on Philon tree

Brooklyn Beckham made the editing cut by his wife. He only had one line, but apparently he took it as a joke. Nicola Peltz said, “He said it with a strong British accent and looking directly at the camera.” The young woman is making her first film and knows what she wants: husband or no husband, he’s worthless, he’s an idiot. According to Closer, Victoria and David’s eldest brother said he was “disturbed”. Too bad for him.

End of the ordeal, at least for Isabelle Huppert in Paris, The actress played the role of Berenice in the city theater and the least we can say is that the show is not unanimously acclaimed. Boose, departing in the middle of the show, exclaims, “We can’t listen to anything you say, Isabelle!”. Thus many demonstrations were disrupted. At the same time, to tempt you, the Théâtre de la Ville promises you that “all lines will be incomprehensible and covered by Bérénice’s voice” and that all “sound elements of the show – all, perceived or unheard – are generated is from the voice of Isabelle Huppert”, we should not be surprised.

Taylor Swift drinks quietly in the Bahamas. The star is taking a few days off with his company Travis Kelce. A close-up shows us wearing swimsuits, arm in arm, drinks in hand while also bathing in the ocean, in an idyllic setting of fine sand and coconut trees. You might think they’re alone in the world, looking at each other, but no: here we see more of the staff behind the scenes who tend to the comfort of two cash machines. One employee spreads towels and the other prepares umbrellas. It must be said that their AirBnB rental is ₹15,000 per night and comes with chef, maids and beach attendant. A real holiday.

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Tom Cruise is slowly breaking up couples, the Biebers are in crisis, Sophie Marceau has moved in with a man; Leonardo DiCaprio takes down the shovel; Kanye West turns Bianca naked, Khloe Kardashian shows her pussy; Strange rumors are spreading about Kate Middleton

Gisele Bündchen finally admitted her affair with her jiu-jitsu teacher, “This is the first time I’ve gone out with someone who was previously my friend,” she told The New York Times. Monsieur will be happy to finally come out of the closet a long time ago. On the other hand, she strongly denies that the romance began before her divorce.

Tom Cruise and his Russian socialite’s breakup would be another blow to science : According to Page 6, the actor’s “close team” may have viewed her “colorful” ex-husband’s frequent outings very negatively. It must be said that barely a few weeks after he found out that his ex-girlfriend was going out with the star, the Russian oligarch talked in detail about his marriage and told the American star to “keep an eye on his wallet. “Warned of or named him. The Mission: Impossible interpreter is the only possible option for portraying your character in a biopic situation. Once a big head, always a big head, it felt, it has to be admitted, unbearable XXL.

OK Coral in Dancing with the Stars : Natasha St-Pierre and Ines Reig turn up the pressure. Who did what? The mystery is difficult to solve. We are treated to a misunderstood provocation followed by revenge insults, then a controlled omission on social networks and finally a spin against the backdrop of racist accusations. Who called whom a slut, who threatened to kill, who put a guardrail? It’s like that with kids, we don’t want to know (but if you still want to know, go to Closer, Public or Here). But in general opinion, the camp of good would like to point a big accusing finger at the comedian. According to the show’s teams, “He’s not that simple.” “She deals with the truth, pretends and doesn’t even say hello.” And now, she is trying to make us cry on Instagram, claiming that she is a victim of boycott by attending the show with a lump in her stomach. Oh, naughty?

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Monaco’s elderly couple Albert and Charlene, Charlotte Casiraghi and Nicolas Mathieu Nielloviste; Celine Dion freemics, Britney Spears freetouts; Marlene Schiappa got a tattoo; Madonna’s son releases an album featuring his fiancée, Kanye West’s daughter

Alain Delon’s ex-wife appears in Douche. According to Closer, Alain-Fabian and Anushka’s mother Rosalie Van Breeman “may have packed their things” for a few weeks following Hiromi’s forced departure. She takes care of “food and shopping” and provides assistance to the actor. According to the magazine, she also managed to create order in the relationship between her children. The icing on the plastic cake: The actor’s mental health may have stabilized. Victory ?

Puff Daddy tries to pack in Cape Town-Green while an impressive discovery was made in two of his residences. Arrested at customs while trying to board his private jet, he was told to remain on US soil. Meanwhile, dozens of police officers wearing helmets, bulletproof vests and handguns searched everywhere for evidence of sex trafficking. Several complaints have been filed against the rapper since November. The latter goes much further and reveals a system that has been at work for years, a cocktail of drugs, violence, abuse and lavish parties involving prostitutes, minors and/or celebrities. Ugly.

To conclude before reading all my babble again: Pierre Nini adopted a dwarf donkey “Smaller than my dog, but its place in my heart is already very big.” » Jean-Paul Belmondo’s ex-husband is in jail on pimping charges: Barbara Gondolfi is on remand on charges of offering services to young Hungarians on the Internet, a network run by the father of her children. David and Victoria Beckham traded their $5 million dinghy for a 3 times larger and 3 times more expensive super yacht, which they started enjoying in Florida for these Easter holidays. At the end of her tour, Madonna plans to give a free concert on Copacabana Beach in Brazil: Mega Stampede.

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Charlene of Monaco wants to work, Alexandra Lamy no longer wants a man; Leticia Hallyday defeated Jalil Lespert; Adriana Carembeau and Stommy Bugsy live together again, Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard live together; taylor swift has a millionaire cat

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