Chatgpt says the hardest university degree isn’t medicine

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For the most part, two things have always been said about university courses: science courses (STEM, as they are called now) are much more difficult and medicine is the most complex. If only because of the number of years it takes to study it, more than any other discipline. Just out of curiosity and fun, we wanted to ask what it thought about artificial intelligence to see if these social conventions are still valid today, and that’s what ChatGPT told us.

For artificial intelligence tools, “determining the toughest race is subjective and It depends on the individual capabilities and preferences of each person., This is obvious, but we cannot disrespect our source by not clarifying this detail, which is also the first thing he tells us when we ask him about the most difficult university degree. “In addition,” ChatGPT continues to argue, “the difficulty of the degree may vary depending on the educational institution, the specific program, and the student’s dedication.”

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However, and here ChatGPT is getting wet, even though it says it does not give opinions, but rather shares information based on what is published on the network, about which careers it finds most complicated to study. “Definitely, Some subjects are considered more challenging Due to the nature of the concepts they address and the intensity of the work required,” explains artificial intelligence, the shades of which are gradually being seen, if I may use the expression…

But when he gives the first example it becomes clear that the first of the social conventions cited at the beginning of the text, that STEM careers are the hardest, is still very valid: “For example, Careers in fields such as theoretical physics, aerospace engineering, medicine, advanced mathematics and computer science They are often considered challenging due to the complexity of the subjects and the amount of work required,” says ChatGPT.

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Wait, didn’t the first one say medicine?

When we read the response with the list of university majors, we see that they are all scientific subjects, far from the humanities, which do not have a mark in their selection. But this doesn’t surprise us much. On the other hand, the race visible in the foreground does this: theoretical Physics,

Continuing the fun game, we asked ChatGPT about it, and this is what it tells us about it: “It is difficult to label a university degree as the most complex, as the perception of difficulty can vary depending on the individual. However, some topics are widely recognized for their level of complexity and the intensity of study required,” the AI ​​tool reflects.

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And this is when he jumps into the pool again, citing examples from theoretical physics, “Especially advanced level of research”, he explains his choice as the most difficult university degree. “This discipline involves a deep understanding of abstract concepts and complex theories,” ChatGPT says.

However, the tool clarifies that this is a “general response based on general assumptions.” So, according to ChatGPT, the second social belief that we proposed, the one around university careers, is not so obvious, because therapy would not be the most complex for most people.

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Of course, ChatGPT rates therapy as the second most difficult. ,Comparing the difficulty between theoretical physics and medicine is complicated because they are very different disciplines. With different challenges. Both fields require a high level of dedication and skill, but the nature of the difficulties can be quite different,” he comments when we ask him why theoretical physics is more difficult.

“And what about the humanities?” We asked A.I. This is what ChatGPT says about them: “It’s important to note that humanities majors can be equally challenging and demanding Critical, analytical and creative skills, Well, yes, but no… Actually, the second tier of difficulty has medicine as well as engineering and computer science but not a humanities degree. Do you agree with ChatGPT?

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