Chivas released 14th for Chicharito Hernández; Ricardo Marin will be 19 years old

route of arrival of javier hernandez As the reinforcement of Chivas, it has fewer and fewer obstacles, even They have already released number 14 For him to carry it.

previously used Ricardo MarinChicharito would return to Chivas with the number he used and that brought him very good results and so the number 14 currently appears without an owner.

What did Chivas do to release number 14?

And for this the sources gave information half time Chivas requested permission from Liga MX because according to regulation no element can change points in the same football year, which would be the case of Marín.

You can only change your number during the Apertura, which is the tournament that starts the football year.

The authorization comes from Liga MX and Javier will have no problem wearing the number with which he left Chivas and with which he had scored many goals.

This is part of the Hernandez recruiting process, which is very close to reaching its endBut this may go on for at least another week.

Among the things to be finalized is the length of the contract, as Chivas is looking for a one-year replacement and Javier Hernandez is looking for four tournaments.

Negotiations continue and Announcement will be made soon Which they hope will happen with much fanfare.

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