chivas vs. America: Con Brizuela answers Azcarraga

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Guadalajara is ready to face the US. In the midst of this, Con Brizuela highlights Emilio Azcaraga.

Con Brizuela defends Chicharito Hernandez.
© Getty ImagesCon Brizuela defends Chicharito Hernandez.

Shivaj prepares for tomorrow when he receives America at Akron Stadium on matchday 12 of Clausura 2024, On the other hand, Mohd. isaac brizuela defended Chicharito Hernandez after Emilio Azcarraga Has spoken against Guadalajara after the ConcaChampions.

After the win at Azteca, Javier Hernández told the press the truth when he said that they had defeated Azulcrema’s first team on home ground., “There are many ways to lose, we lost by beating America in Azteca. I had heard that they were almost an invincible team, we came to their home with their starting team and beat them 3-2. “It was a 180-minute tie and we gave many minutes at home,” The attacker pointed.

This reached the ears of Emilio Azcarraga, so he unnecessarily went outside to answer the attacker. “This club is not built to win games, we have built this club, we love it and we work for it to win titles. At the level of saving the season by one game, it’s not our thing,” He commented.

The one who came forward to answer after the American owner’s statement was Isaac Brizuela., “He is already entering the controversy. I don’t like to create controversy. Obviously what Chicharro means is that everyone mentions it as an invincible team, that no one can beat it at home, that we know it is champion.He commented on Claro Sport.

Con Brizuela answered to Emilio Azcaraga. (Photo: Imago7)

And I add: “And many people said that it was to defeat the opponent, that they were going to defeat us, many things were talked about. I think Chicharro took it that way because we went and beat them at home. So yes, it’s something like that. I think that’s what he meant. Well, no matter what Azcarraga says, he will know what he says about his team and that is where my attention is. This means that the demands are similar across larger teams. I think it can’t be compared, because I believe it’s the same in big teams too,,

How is Chivas performing in the Clausura 2024?

As is known, Chivas had three consecutive defeats in the Clausura 2024 and is preparing to receive America. Guadalajara is today in ninth place in the general standings with 15 points.

When and what time do Chivas and America meet again?

Chivas and América will meet again this Saturday at Akron Stadium for matchday 12. The game will begin at 9:05 p.m. in central Mexico and will be broadcast by TUDN in Mexico and Telemundo in the United States.

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