Chivas vs America Femenil match summary. Liga MX Femenil 2024

He National Women’s Classic was painted red and white, team of Guadalajara shows its face and made one Comeback against Azulcremas In a duel that was full of controversies, but well fought according to the goals Christian Jaramillo And Adriana Iturbide,

After falling behind on the scoreboard at the beginning of the second half, the Guadalajara team had to run against the current, as A very questionable penalty awarded in favor of Águilasthe same thing that the spanish made effective Andrea Pereira,

However, the hosts’ prowess on the field was a sight to behold as they gradually demonstrated their quality. Tilt the balance until it returns In this Akron Stadium,

However, once again The work of mediation was under questionSince the whistler sent yellow for the second time Kiana PalaciosWhen? A violation allegedly occurred that did not actually occurSo he left the shower the wrong way.

it was the red and white comeback

Once Eagles They were left with one player less on the field Sacred Flock put its foot on the accelerator go looking for something that allows them dream of returnAnd this is what happened after A fine in favor of local people,

There, Christian Jaramillo did not fail When shooting is low and almost to the center of the arc, while The opponent goalkeeper threw himself into the sideline Just to see how the electronic board reflects the tie (1-1).

But Chivas was not going to compromiseSo they proceeded to score the second goal, which came in the 87th minute after a Great shot by Adriana Iturbide,

meant to win Chivas gives a blow to the right In Liga MX FemenilSince they managed to climb Ranked second by scoring 24 pointsWhen Aguilas relegated to fourth place By keeping 22 units of it.

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