Chivato and problems of artificial intelligence in medicine

I have been practicing as a doctor for 40 years and the changes we are seeing in recent years are truly impressive. I’m not just talking about telemedicine, but also about artificial intelligence, who has come to stay. This intelligence is already becoming more influential, efficient and effective than even a doctor. For example, in the area of radiology When identifying characteristics of lesions in radiology.

Tomás Chivato, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of San Pablo CEU

Computer programs based on artificial intelligence even exceed the percentage of correct answers in the field for professionals, radiologists or pathological anatomy, Even when identifying the degree of lethality. But we still have some important problems to clarify professional responsibility in the field of professional deontology, in some programs that allow making diagnoses and advising treatments. Let’s imagine that the doctor decides to use an Artificial Intelligence system. These systems can make mistakes because Medicine This is not an exact science.

Let’s see what happens. We have to take advantage of them all to know them Advantages, disadvantages and also limitations, This is all an exciting area that we will see develop in the coming years. In any case, Artificial Intelligence has come to stay And, in theory, it will also be a complement and will come to our aid.

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