Chloé x Atelier Jolie, Angelina Jolie’s brand: her first collection is available

Angelina Jolie is no longer just a talented actress or Brad Pitt’s ex-wife… She’s officially a designer and founder of her own fashion brand Jolie Workshop, Anticipation has been high since the label was announced this summer. And at the beginning of the school year, it was the collaboration with Chloe that further excited fans of the star’s style. At the first release, it was clear that the renowned activist had big ambitions for what her brand could achieve, and Atelier Jolie was immediately presented as a collective that would help discover new talents and know-how. After revealing some images of the campaign in late 2023, both brands are officially putting on sale This first collection. The result, chic and minimalist, comes in cool colors, from black to white, including beige and brown. In terms of cut, moderation is key with slip dresses, cape jackets and glamorous fishnet skirts. For it is flawless Angelina Jolie and Chloe,

Will Angelina Jolie follow the fashion designer?

Beyond the environmentally-responsible interest of this collection (since then). Chloé and Atelier Jolie have similar ethical commitments), it is interesting to note that the overall aesthetics are far beyond our expectations. Actually, the comeback of stars in the world of beauty or fashion is not always successful. And even if Victoria Beckham or Rihanna are doing great, we can count these profiles on the fingers of both hands. Angelina Jolie Affirms the exception to the rule and presents a wardrobe that blends with an added touch of elegance! For its principles and values, since the collections consist of at least 80% low-impact materials, but also for the elegant silhouettes it offers, Atelier Jolie is undoubtedly a label to follow. Your wallet will still have to do the same…

Our favorites from the Chloé x Atelier Jolie collection

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