The Intercontinental Baseball Series with the Cuba Libre team has been canceled

Renteria USA, the team owned by former major league player Edgar Renteria, has canceled the Intercontinental Baseball Series because it does not have the support of the Colombian government.

Barranquilla, Colombia — the Intercontinental Baseball SeriesAnnounced to take place from January 26 to February 1 in Barranquilla with teams from Colombia, Curacao, South Korea, usa, Japan and the ninth is composed of Cuban baseball playerWas Cancelled till lack of support from the colombian government,

This was expressed this Tuesday in a statement from Renteria USA, the team owned by former major league owner Edgar Renteria and his brother Edinson, organizer of the event.

“The leagues, teams and entities involved have expressed their full desire to organize the series, however, the Ministry of Sports, together with the Colombian Olympic Committee, issued a statement saying that it is not possible to support the realization of the tournament. ,” the document stated.

Another reason the series was not held is that the Colombian government does not recognize the Cuban baseball team. The ninth was endorsed by the Cuban Professional Baseball Federation (Fepcube), but not by the island’s authorities.

Information from Team Renteria USA states that in any case “it will work with affiliated leagues to hold a series in another country.”

At the time, the Colombian Sports Ministry indicated in a statement that said event was not organized by the Colombian Baseball Federation, nor is it part of the World Baseball and Softball Confederation’s events, “the only organization supported by the Olympic Committee.” .

For Colombia, Fepcube intends to use “the name, representation and national symbols of the Republic of Cuba, without the relevant authorization of the competent body of the country of origin and without the recognition of the Colombian Government or the sports authorities of our country.” ,

“The use of these symbols will be understood as a clear violation of the constitutional and sporting rights of the Cuban Republic,” the statement from the Colombian Sports Ministry said.

He said that “to date, this event has not received funding from the resources of the Ministry of Sports, nor the support of the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) nor the Colombian Baseball Federation, reiterating that, in order to realize this event, For, the requirements established in the current Colombian sports law must be met.”

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