Christian explains obscene gestures


Cristiano Ronaldo This became a trend again in recent times as he made a gesture that did not go down well with the Saudi Professional League.

The Portuguese scored a goal in AL’s victory. Nasr 3-2 against Al youth And in celebration of this, Christian Ronaldo made an obscene gesture in front of the stands when he sang for Lionel Messi.

Saudi authorities will investigate Cristiano Ronaldo: this is why he may be punished

After it went viral on social networks, Saudi authorities started investigating the reason. These days, Cristiano Ronaldo himself told about his ‘immoral’ act for the Arab country.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s words for his obscene gestures

“I respect all the clubs. And the gesture after the shot expresses strength and victory, and is not shameful. We are used to it in Europe,” this was the justification that Cristiano Ronaldo gave to Saudi media AEl-Riyadiya.

However, the league’s disciplinary and ethics committee is expected to issue a verdict against the Portuguese this Wednesday after opening an official investigation after the gestures were deemed “unethical”.

Possible punishment against Cristiano Ronaldo for obscene gestures

The Saudi League’s disciplinary committee has the right to intervene in incidents such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s case if images are broadcast on the Saudi League’s official TV, and in the event that an individual or entity submits a complaint supported by evidence in accordance with the Disciplinary Code. According to Article 117, evidence such as video recording is considered evidence that can be admitted.

How many goals do you need to reach 1000? Cristiano Ronaldo scores in Al-Nassr’s win against Al-Shabab

Despite the Portuguese’s explanations, the committee is considering imposing a two-game suspension on him, meaning he would not be able to play the duel against them. Al-Hazam and Al-Raed, Both local.

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