Christian Pulisic and his new joke towards the Mexican National Team

The US forward gave a new reference to the famous phrase “two to zero” after winning the CONCACAF Nations League title

American forward Christian Pulisic added a new taunt to his repertoire against mexican teamWith a ‘reminder’ of the 2-0 score in the final. CONCACAF Nations League And An angry celebration.

National team official account United States team On X, formerly on Twitter, posted a video in which he appears Christian Pulisic During the celebration of the third title of CONCACAF Nations League For ‘Stars and Stripes’, with the legend “Christian, have you seen the scoreboard?”

“I didn’t even notice. ‘Two to zero,'” he replies. Pulisic To the camera.

The “two to zero” context you are referring to Christian Pulisic The main reason for this is the shock that mexican team At the 2002 Korea–Japan World Cup, after their surprise exit against usa However, based on the said score in the Round of 16, the legend began a year earlier in Columbus, Ohio, as the US team made that place its stronghold in qualifying during four processes on the way to the tournament and celebrated the victory with the said statistics. Celebrated. Electronic.

This is not the first time Christian Pulisic makes fun of mexican team, Before the decisive duel of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Tricolor team goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa expressed that Mexico has been “the mirror” in which the United States “wants to see itself, reflect and imitate”; The American responded with a goal on the field, with the legend ‘Man in the Mirror’ written below the shirt.

A year later, in the semi-finals of CONCACAF Nations League, Christian Pulisic He scored the double and played ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ with Weston McKennie in celebration, later representing the score (2–0) with ‘Scissors’ and ‘Rock’.

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