Do you know how your language impacts your psychological health?

Do you know how your language impacts your psychological health?fp

Do you know how your language impacts your psychological health? Have you ever wondered what consequences your words will have on you and the people around you? What words do you identify with most? If you had to choose one word that represents you, what would it be?


All the words and expressions that you currently use in your daily life have been learned This, almost without realizing it, you have integrated with your parents, your grandparents, your teachers, your friends or your classmates. And I ask you: Have you stopped to think? What words do you use every day and how do they make you and your loved ones feel,

we are what we speak, The Sevillian psychiatrist titled his book as luis rojas marcos To make us understand the importance of needing to stop and look at what language we use, not only to avoid embarrassing situations but also to better connect with other human beings.

We invite you to do so simple exerciseDivide a sheet of paper into two parts, on the left side you write Word DestroyerThat’s what we’re going to say to those who make you sad, push you away from others or belittle you and to the right positive words The ones you use most, that is, the ones that connect you to others, that bring you peace, that make you feel that you are capable. and now, Consider what those lists are likeWhich is longer, what are you going to do with this information, what results do you see from these words, what can you change?

He positive language It does a lot of good for us, so much so that it determines our future projects, our outlook on life and our relationships with the people we love most.

We share these with you Ideas to make you more aware of your language And travel around the world with a good stock of words Healthy:

Observe your inner speech

It is also called soliloquy. By observing you can choose Change the feelings towards yourself that weaken you To others that will empower you such as: “I don’t know how to answer”, “Everyone is looking at me”, “I’m a disaster” to others such as “I will answer my best”, “This is their It’s normal to look at me, they’re my coworkers” or “It didn’t go very well for me but there are many other things that went very well for me.”

Replace feelings of indifference with more active feelings

For example: “Mom, yes, I’m coming”, “How upset you are”, “Wait” for phrases like “Mom, I’m coming right away”, “I’ve heard you and I accept it.” “On account”, “I’ll be finished in a moment”. The minute I’m with you.”

Use gentle language instead of indifferent language.

For empathize better With your friends, teachers or family, use the language of tenderness rather than indifferent or dismissive language, saying things like “I don’t care what you think” or “Let him do what he can” will help you bond. weakens; Reinforce them with expressions like: “I care about what you feel and what you think” or “How can I help you”, “What you need”.

Express your needs without resentment or demands

make a habit of speaking your mind emotional and physical needs Without turning it into resentment or demands. Phrases like “You always ignore me” or “You don’t know anything, I asked you to buy me some sneakers” replace them with other phrases like these: “When I tell you what’s happening to me So I need to be heard” or “Dad”, I asked you to buy some sneakers for me and I see you don’t remember, please, can you buy them for me?

use words of gratitude

Gratitude is the main key to appreciating what you have and who you are, which is certainly a lot. Words like “Thank you”, “I’m grateful to be able to study”, “I’m grateful to have a good family that takes care of me”, “I’m grateful to have health” show you that life is wonderful. Give the gift and don’t focus on it. Focus only on what you don’t like.

Say “I love you” more often

Say I love you” More often, better daily, for the people you care about. Check out all its benefits, it strengthens bonds, trust, psychological well-being, increases self-esteem and it will give you a beautiful feeling of peace, it is best if you also cuddle with it.

Remember that your words are a reflection of what is in your heart, if you want to create an interesting future and project health and happiness to others, you have to pay attention to and work on them.

As stated luis castellanosResearcher in positive language, “Life is a walking tour with your words.”

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