Clinical lab news of the day – MedLab Middle East 2024 NextGen Medicine – highlights innovation in the industry

MedLab Middle East 2024 will highlight innovation in NextGen medicine

By LabMedica Editorial Team in Spanish
Updated on January 27, 2024

Some of the most prominent researchers in the field of NextGen medicine are expected to gather at the 2024 edition of MedLab Middle East, the region’s largest medical laboratory exhibition, organized by Informa Markets Healthcare (London, United Kingdom). In collaboration with Express Med Diagnostics & Research (Manama, Bahrain), MedLab Middle East will be held from 5 to 8 February. This year, MedLab Middle East will welcome more than 30,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors representing 180 countries. Program topics include laboratory management, hematology, quality management, clinical microbiology, histopathology, clinical chemistry, interpretation of clinical genomics, the future of the laboratory, immunology, blood transfusion medicine and sustainability in the laboratory. MedLab Middle East Congress will return for another year, providing education and solutions to improve laboratory skills to over 5,000 delegates.

NextGen Medicine is a cutting-edge health care field that uses genome sequencing to create targeted health care strategies for specific populations and individuals for a variety of rare diseases and conditions. The “genome” is defined as the complete set of DNA instructions of a cell, which contains all the information necessary for an individual’s development and functioning. In 2003, the Human Genome Project successfully developed the first complete sequence of the human genome, leading to one of the most transformative advances in science and health care. Genomic projects targeting specific national populations are currently underway in several regions of the Middle East. Interestingly, researchers are seeing differences in DNA even within those national populations.

Image: NextGen medicine will be a major theme at the 2024 edition of MedLab Middle East (Photo courtesy of Informa Markets)

For example, in Oman, researchers have found that individuals native to Salalah have a completely different set of mutations than those of Muscat or Musandam descent. In March 2023, the UAE launched a 10-year National Genome Strategy to support the development and implementation of genomic research projects and improve public health priorities in the UAE. The project focuses on accelerating advances in personalized medicine and tackling chronic and genetic diseases. The Emirates Genome Programme, the founding project of the UAE’s National Genome Strategy, will use next-generation DNA sequencing and artificial intelligence to investigate the genetic profile of Emiratis.

“The NextGen medicine has three key components: prevention, early detection and development of targeted therapies. The future of medicine involves moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach toward more personalized health strategies. “It is essential that screening strategies are tailored to local realities as this will ultimately save lives, improve health outcomes and reduce costs associated with ineffective treatments,” said Dr Karolina Kobus, Head of Genomics and Consultant. Pharmaceutical laboratory in express med diagnostics and research of innovation of technology and precision. “Genomic inheritance is unique to each population and this means that the pattern of disease will be different in a Caucasian person compared to a native of the Middle East, for example. “Although significant progress has been made in genomic projects in the Western world, we must recognize that the current widely referenced human genome is based primarily on data from Caucasian individuals.”

“Middle East genome projects have the potential to make important contributions to global science and improve healthcare in the region. “This area of ​​study is extremely promising and its findings could lead to significant advances in the treatment of various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer,” said Tom Coleman, group exhibition director at Informa Markets Healthcare. “MedLab’s partnership with Express Med Diagnostics & Research at MedLab Middle East will showcase the latest advances in medical technology, precision diagnostics and medical laboratory solutions. Chaired by Dr. Karolina Kobus, the NextGen Medicine conference will bring together leading industry experts, researchers and health care professionals who are driving innovation. The conference will share the latest updates on regional genome projects and discuss important topics such as early cancer detection, precision oncology, preventive health screening and longevity.

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