Cofepris alert for a drug used to treat cardiovascular conditions

The drug is used to treat heart diseases Credit: FB/@Cardio Active Ecuador

Through an official statement the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (coffeeprice) launched a health warning more than one misleading product Is known active cardiowhich is sold in the presentation of He goes away And capsule, He pointed out that the said article represents a health risk Of consumers.

The above is due to the fact that the uses of their product declared on their labeling indicate san juan grassDue to which it is not allowed in the manufacture of food supplements degree of toxicity,

Coffeeprice indicated that cardio is active he does not have proper health records and it may include Material Of natural origin And artificial In various proportions, which may be present when combined Side effects Harmful to health.

Similarly, by not knowing the origin of its components, the sanitary conditions of the raw materials, as well as the manufacturing, storage and distribution process, it is It is impossible to guarantee the safety and quality of the product In question.

Cardio Active should not be marketed Credit: Reuters/Srjan Zivulovic

He told that, active cardio Advertised with specific features of Medicine to care for illnesses cardiovascularThat is why it “fails to comply with the provisions of the general health law, except as to the use of the term”.nutritional supplement”, an end that does not currently exist within current health legislation.

Given the presented situation, Coffeeprice advises the population to refrain from purchasing or using Cardio Active as well as any other product that does not comply with the established health regulations. Coffeeprice emphasizes the importance of respecting existing regulations to guarantee the safety and well-being of users.

If you are suffering from any condition related to heart diseases, it is necessary to seek specialized medical help. Only in this way can an accurate assessment be obtained, as well as relevant studies and analyzes that will inform appropriate treatment to be adjusted according to the individual needs and characteristics of the patient.

Since it has been identified as one of the fraudulent products, should not be marketed nor delivered anyhow; Violation of this prohibition will result in the relevant health authority imposing appropriate administrative sanctions. In addition, a call is made to citizens so that, if they have data about its sale, they make the corresponding health reports to contribute to the monitoring and compliance with public health regulations.

The product is harmful to health Credit: EFE

The Federal Commission for Health Risk Protection continues to conduct health surveillance actions aimed at preventing products, companies or establishments from violating current health legislation. This supervision is carried out to ensure that the health of the population is not endangered through practices that do not conform to the standards and requirements established by the health authorities.

Arising from pressure from the government of a neighboring country, the United States, the Secretary of the Navy (semar) together with coffeeprice announced pharmacy closed And marketer Of chemical substances In some states of the Mexican Republic.

These types of actions are aimed at stopping the flow of fentanyl and other types of synthetic drugs into the US Union. Mexican authorities have implemented several actions to combat trafficking in these substances.

Fentanyl use has become a worrying epidemic in the United States, as shown by data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), which reported more than 100,000 deaths related to this powerful opioid substance in 2021. The magnitude of the health crisis caused by fentanyl highlights the urgent need to implement effective measures for its prevention and control.

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