The league wouldn’t let him go! Alexander Domínguez thanks Uruguayan National for its serious and genuine interest

Alexander Domínguez, an experienced Ecuadorian goalkeeper and considered by many the best goalkeeper in the country, confirmed that he was close to Nacional de Montevideo, and indicated that he wanted to accept, but in the end he would remain in the league.

Isaac Álvarez did not allow his departure, as confirmed by Alexander Domínguez, who also talked about the challenges and motivations with the league for this year; But not before thanking Nacional de Montevideo for its genuine interest.

He was able to move to Nacional de Montevideo. “I am still here at the institute. Thanks to the Uruguayan national coach, who was very nice to me and was talking to me until yesterday. Thanks for keeping me in mind, but it’s not up to me.”

It went through a leadership decision. “I have one more year of contract here, and the president, who is Dr. Isaac, will not let me go. “Keep your heads up, think about what’s going to happen and continue to achieve important things for this club.”

Finally, the intention to depart from the Special Football Commission and the departure of Esteban Paz and set challenges for this year. “The truth is that we have not talked about everything that has happened, we are focused on having a good pre-season. The league has set the bar very high with two titles, so the idea is not to go down, but to keep it up. This is a fanbase that demands a lot, we know what the league is about; They would like more purpose. “The big guys help the coaches, who know what organization is coming.”

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