Coloreros charge a thousand pesos for a change in the gasoline queue in Havana

The ruling party and state TV reporter Lázaro Manuel Alonso denounced on his social networks late this year that Colleros in the Cuban capital Havana are using the current situation with fuel shortages and general queues to line their pockets. One thousand pesos were sold per queue shift.

,In recent times, when fuel has become more difficult to obtain, offers for the sale of gasoline and diesel have emerged on digital networks, especially Facebook and WhatsApp groups, which some people seem to acquire with certain privileges, ”he noted for the first time.

The well-known journalist published on his Facebook profile the capture of several groups on that network, where they hopefully promote the sale of gasoline, whether special or normal, sometimes with inflated prices.

,This issue deserves more control in service centers and concrete action with those who are turning necessity into business. Drivers warn that cholera is back. They sell shifts for more than a thousand pesos, “We hide their numbers out of respect for the privacy of the “fuel owners,” but they are public in many of the groups created to raise the price of gasoline,” he argued.

Gasoline price increase in Cuba by 2024

In connection with this corruption of gasoline sales in Cuba, a user responded to Alonso that Cuban workers themselves were shifting “to the left” and selling gasoline.

,Two nights ago in Cupet on G and 25, government people were selling shifts, yes, government officials, because the pumps in Cupet which are on the same 25th street, according to Cupet workers, are for the government and the military,” he Gave warning.

The man told that he had been in the queue since 8:00 in the morning and was able to make the purchase at 10:00 in the night.

,I realized the audacity of the so-called government officials and when I saw something like this I also went ahead of them and claimed that I am a lawyer, an employee etc. and I am going to complain and upload photos. For a network of such audacity…in other words, the lack of control and lack of respect starts from the top,” he said.

VAT gasoline

In 2024, the government will raise the price of gasoline and other fuels in Cuba because, according to officials, current costs are a “distortion” and perhaps “they are the lowest in the world.”

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