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1 Comments on the news: Ed Sheeran designs 2 Loopers in collaboration with Headrush


Ed Sheeran has been using loopers for almost ten years and he decided to develop 2 new loopers with the help of the Headrush brand.

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It is actually quite expensive compared to the RC series
At the moment it’s hard to know if the other tracks…)

-> I found the answer on site: Looper Tracks Max # of 4

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Frankly, it smells like a shipwreck… That’s almost 3x the price of the RC600 for a machine that has most of the Looperboard’s faults (crawly ergonomics, limited choice of effects and anemic if the routing is hyper-complete) settings). Some properties like different outputs. (Ed Sheeran’s son has no control over the balance of his various looper tracks live in a stadium? Like, really?) Then there’s Sheeran’s signature looperboard, what professional musician would love that? In short, like Looperboard, I think Headrush hoards features with a hyper-closed workflow, and I fear the collaboration with Sheeran has only reinforced this mistake. Later, if we have real EQs and compressors, it will already be there (it’s a pain on a looperboard with a non-parametric 3-band EQ, while we have a touch screen that can just be controlled with a good parametric EQ.) Need to integrate style or digital mixing desk). I hope I’m wrong about that because besides, the Looperboard’s hardware was great, and having 4 mic preamps on one machine is cool and unique today!

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