Conor McGregor announces UFC return

The issue of the Irishman’s return to the octagon conor mcgregor, is a much-discussed issue in recent months. The fighters wanted to return to action after a long period of inactivity, but bureaucratic obstacles came up one after another. However, everything indicates that this story has changed.

The answer to the previous questions was given by the symbol ufc, which delighted the athlete’s followers. The possibility of conflict seems very high.

“A few days ago we received confirmation that all systems are working”revealed mcgregorWho in turn also admitted that he still does not know in which weight category the alleged fight will take place, since it is impossible to do this in his usual division.

Conor McGregor against Michael Chandler

Another important aspect was the name of the opponent. Irishman reaffirms michael chandler For this role, so there were no surprises in this regard. The match between these two fighters had been long anticipated, as it was expected to be a major spectacle due to the rising tension between the parties involved.

conor mcgregor told the journalist Mark Raimondi That summer would be the perfect spot for his return to hitting and projection. He ufc 303 The event in Las Vegas on June 29 seems to be an ideal horizon for the mentioned plans.

notorious His last appearance in the UFC was on July 10, 2021, when he suffered a serious injury against Dustin Poirier. Michael Chandler, for his part, also lost to Poirier in his last visit to the Octagon, which took place on November 12, 2022. Who will win in this fight?

We should point out that the top management of the UFC has not yet commented on this matter, so Conor’s words do not constitute an official endorsement. One fact is that there has been an unprecedented flurry of statements from the sports star, as many are eager to enjoy his skills again on a longtime highly sought-after mixed martial arts card.

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