New artists have disappeared from TikTok!

At the request of Universal Music Group (UMG), the Chinese social network is in the process of removing all music written or co-written by artists from the label. The standoff continues.

TikTok is removing all songs written or co-written by artists on the Universal Music Group (UMG) label. The Chinese social network announced the news in a press release published on Wednesday, February 28. A decision that is part of the standoff TikTok is participating in against music labels over the renewal of its licensing agreement, which expired on January 31.

The Chinese social network simply says to “respond to requests” from Universal Music. “Their demands affect not only their artists, but also many artists not signed to Universal.”

Bad Bunny and SZA tracks removed?

The mass removal of the titles will affect artists who have simple publishing agreements with labels (contracts between an artist and a label for the purpose of marketing a song in exchange for monetary benefits), in addition to those who have UMG. There is a contract with.

According to information received from rolling stone magazinehighly successful artists like Harry Styles, szasteve lacy or even bad bunny Soon his songs may be removed from the stage.

In early February, all tracks recorded under the UMG license were removed from TikTok’s music library. All videos containing Universal-licensed music were edited to remove sound.

Music “not at its face value”

Variety says it is “unclear how many songs were affected by this new request.” According to the media, sources close to UMG confirm that the label has “a share of the rights to most of the songs on the platform”. While TikTok estimates a more limited figure, “between 20 and 30%”.

Last January, before the licensing agreement between the two parties expired, the CEO of Universal Music Group called TikTok an app “based on music, without giving proper value to the music.”

He said that the Chinese application represents “only 1% of the company’s total revenue”, clearly indicating that it can operate even without the distribution of labeled music on the social network.

Viewed by many as a promotional tool and a major springboard for emerging artists, the platform remains one of the most popular social networks in the world. With over a billion users.

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