Copper coin worth more than 20 thousand dollars. , mix

You can pay for it in the monetary market collectible coin Much more than its face value. The state of conservation is not always important, history is also of great importance, as was the case with the copper pecuniary that was auctioned for more than 22 thousand dollars.

There is a large market for coin collecting in the United States. Collectors value details such as history, age of issue date, as well as manufacturing errors and other rarities. The better its condition, the higher its selling price.

Why is the value of a copper coin more than 22 thousand dollars?

This is a 1787 New York Excelsior Copper, Indian and New York Arms coin, which has historical significance even though it is made of copper. Although it became very worn out over time, it was of great importance in the numismatic market.

This money tells the story of a country that was fighting for its identity and its economy in its early years. ,One of the most exciting copper objects of the Confederacy era, depicting a standing Indian warrior surrounded by the hair-raising inscription: Liber Natus Libertatum Defendo or Born Free, I Defend LibertyStack’s Bowers auction house described the coin as follows.

,This is one of the most famous specimens, As far as we know, it is surpassed only by Mint State’s wonderful Eliasberg coin“, it added.

There are only a dozen of them. One sold for $22,800 on Jan. 11, 2024, according to auction house Heritage Auctions; And another, in near-perfect condition, with an MS-64 grade, hit the market in 2021 for US$204,000, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service. He sold another in 2004 for more than $40,000.

The coins have great value in the numismatic market (Photo: Heritage Auctions)

Features of 1787 coins worth more than 20 thousand dollars

This 1787 New York Excelsior copper coin is an example of several pieces that were privately minted before the federal government took over all production through the United States Mint in 1792.

  • Reverse: Shows the arms of New York, Liberty and Justice next to a shield and a small eagle. The date 1787 and the state motto Excelsior appear, meaning “Always upward.” On the back side of Liberty’s skirt, there is a small green spot above the letter R.
  • Front: A Native American is seen with an ax in one hand and a bow in the other. At the top you see some trivial surface granularity. The legend Liber Natus Libertatum Defendo surrounds a standing Indian on the obverse. The legend translates as “Born to defend freedom” or “Born to defend freedom, I defend freedom”.
Coins have great value on the numismatic market (Photo: Professional Coin Grading Service)

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