Costco to impose new membership restrictions in 2024

CostMexican people’s favorite supermarket chain in recent years, can bring many changes to your membershipBecause according to reports received from its warehouse located issaquah washingtonthe store will implement A new rule for all your customersWhich will be related to the way to reach the store.

Costco, a retail store chain that operates under a subscription model, was founded 1983 In Seattle, Washington, United States, They can bring a new way of reaching stores, because they want access This is for subscription customers only.

in the stage redditMany Costco users reported the presence of digital id scanning station At the main entrance of the warehouse. As mentioned, the customer They have to pass their membership through this tool And later A screen will show an image of the customer’s face For verification by an employee.

This action would be one of several measures implemented by Costco to limit entry to members only. In July last year, the shop asked its customers to present photo ID So that they can be charged for their purchases.

for now It has not been officially announcedBut it has been speculated that the measure may be part of a strategy to restrict and control the use of shared subscriptions. Issaquah, commonly used As a testing ground for new policies Before its final expansion across the country, So we can expect these measures soon.

The measure is in the evaluation phase, so users should pay attention to everything Costco reveals in the future, as it is unknown whether the rule will only apply in the United States or will also apply in Mexico.

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