Costco’s new product is already making consumers crazy

  • In Mexico, supermarkets face intense competition, with national and international chains competing for consumer preference.

  • The supermarket industry in Mexico is undergoing digital transformation, with many chains implementing innovative technologies to improve the customer experience.

  • Supermarkets in Mexico are adopting sustainable practices to meet the growing demand of environmentally conscious consumers, from reducing plastic use to promoting local products.


Stores specializing in wholesale in Mexico play a vital role in the supply chain and sourcing of a wide variety of products. These stores serve commercial customers, retailers and other businesses wishing to purchase large quantities of merchandise at competitive prices.

In terms of sales, the figures show that the wholesale market in Mexico has maintained a solid position. According to data from the Mexican Association of Online Retail Sales (AMVO), the wholesale category has experienced steady growth in recent years, partly driven by the increase in online commercial activity and the digitalization of buying and selling processes.

Wholesale stores in Mexico cover a wide range of industries from electronics and clothing to household goods and industrial supplies. A prime example is the wholesale grocery market, which supplies small businesses and retail stores. Companies like Makro, Costco and City Club have strengthened their presence in this segment, offering customers the possibility to purchase products in large quantities at attractive prices.

The city of Guadalajara is known as a major wholesale trade center in Mexico, hosting several wholesale markets that supply local and regional retailers. The Central de Abastos de Guadalajara is an emblematic example of this type of wholesale distribution centers.

Digitalization has influenced the business model of wholesale stores, facilitating connections between suppliers and buyers through online platforms and specialized applications. This has streamlined the purchasing process, allowing businesses to receive goods more efficiently and easily.

Additionally, wholesale stores in Mexico play an important role in boosting the local economy, creating jobs and stimulating commercial activity in various sectors. The availability of products at competitive prices through these stores contributes to the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, thereby strengthening market diversity and competitiveness.

On the other hand, wholesale stores in Mexico play an essential role in the country’s supply and supply chain. Their ability to adapt to market trends, leverage digitalization and cater to the needs of different business sectors positions them as key players in the country’s commercial dynamism.

Costco’s new product is already making consumers crazy

Through social networks, Costco’s new product has gone viral, which will surely soon become the new craze of the store, because cakes have been of great help during 2023 and now this tiramisu, perhaps it will be the new sensation. Delicious tiramisu! ❤😋 #costco #costcofinds #costcotiktok #cake #bakery #dessert #tiramisu ♬ Pray1 – Apr27

Compared to other products launched by Costco to surprise each of its consumers, it is the famous “Chocoflan”, which one of its consumers really liked and was in increasingly high demand in many branches.

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