Countdown begins for Messi and Inter Miami

The 6-0 defeat to Inter Miami this Thursday meant the third defeat in four matches Preseason. The Garza Franchise Isn’t Finished Finding Good Feelings This is one of the main concerns since returning to work Before the moment of truth arrives.

After the first leg on American soil, where the team could not score a single goal, He embarked on a journey through Saudi territory that was not entirely illuminating. Inter Miami suffered two defeats in their first Asian stopover, addition to the total 10 goals in just 180 minutes.

Now, The coaching staff begins sprint work to correct key errors for the start of the campaign, their’s Florida debut in of MLS It’s February 22nd, etc. They only have three parties to readjust an arrangement Who has repeatedly shown himself to be extremely weak.

Defense, priority again

Since the arrival of Messi and Co., Inter Miami shows the same weak points: The team fits together very easily. Although the offensive threat is certain thanks to the big stars, The work behind must begin together The work of the rest of the lines to be able to make the team’s attack good.

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