Court hearing postponed on murder charges against woman who allegedly stabbed her partner

Aguadilla Court Judge Diomedes González Velázquez set April 23 as the start date for the trial against Olga Francesca Pérez Tapia, 31, a resident of San Sebastian, who is charged with the crimes of destruction of evidence and violation of Article 6.06. On January 11, at the premises of the Gulf Gas Station, located on the PR-111 highway in the Capa neighborhood in Mocha, for the crime of being his romantic partner, under the Weapons Law (carrying and using white weapons).

Meanwhile, the Public Ministry asked Judge Juan N. Guzmán attended Escobar’s courtroom appeal hearing for the first-degree murder charge, but since the defense expressed it was not ready, it was scheduled for 2:00 pm on April 11. , the press office of the court administration reported.

The couple was in a relationship for a year and no incidents of domestic violence were recorded between them.

Officers became aware of the domestic violence incident at approximately 3:57 a.m. that day, when the 9-1-1 emergency system received a call reporting the stabbing of 39-year-old Ismael Cruz Cabán. Left side of chest.

Patrol officers who arrived there found the body next to a dark gray Toyota Corolla car that Pérez Tapia was sharing with friends at the scene when he arrived to claim it.

The events were captured by security camera video, which showed that she arrived at the location sharing it with several people. He approached the vehicle and witnessed an argument. The woman came out, attacked him with her hands and stabbed him in the chest.

The crime of destruction of evidence includes trying to cause the murder weapon to disappear, which has been recovered.

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