Cristiano blasts rival fans who shout: “Messi, Messi”

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those players who shines even in adverse conditions and that was the case for him this Sunday in his team Al-Nassr’s 3-2 win. al-shabaab, Celebrated Saudi Pro League victory Al Nassr In front of him Al-Shabaab. Cristiano continued his scoring run in a complex match, converting a penalty which was decided by Anderson Talisca, who scored a double in the 86th minute.

But, Christian He faced adversity, as rival fans were constantly shouting at him during the match: “Messi, Messi“, so at the end of the match, the Portuguese celebrated vigorously, gesturing to rival fans.

heading towards the stand, Christian He looked towards the audience and raised his fist strongly in celebration of victory. Then, after hugging some teammates, including Talisca, he yelled something to the audience and held his hands near his ears, mocking the audience. Finally he concluded his speech by making some additional gestures.

A few minutes earlier, the Portuguese made another fuss in front of the public after the second goal Taliska,

With the goal of this Sunday, Christian He achieved 877 goals in his life. He also remains the scoring leader Saudi Pro League With 22 goals and 9 assists in 21 dates so far in the Championship.

A tough match for A-Nassr

al shabaab He played a game that caused a lot of damage to his opponent with quick and vertical attacks, while Al Nassr tried to keep possession of the ball and attack in the form of a block. The game deteriorated in the second half and the visiting team won. By al shabaabhe marked Yannick Carrasco and Carlos Jr.

Cristiano opened the scoring with a penalty, converting his 22nd penalty in Arabia. The locals were tied in minutes of extra time, as well as a penalty Carrasco,

In the second part, al shabaab He had a lot to do to win the game. still, Taliska He gave his team the lead in the first minute of the match itself.

Al Shabab counterattacked and equalized with a goal carlos jr And, just when it looked like we were ending up equal, Al Nassr scored the winning goal in the 86th, Taliska four points will be provisionally removed from al hilal (Who plays on Monday).


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