Cruella 2 is not canceled, production is moving forward at its own pace

Cruella 2 lead actress Emma Stone gives a cautious but optimistic update on the script’s progress and expresses her eagerness to reprise her role.


  • Emma Stone’s Cruella de Vil will return to cinema soon.
  • Cruella 2 is still being written, with production expected to begin “sooner than later.”
  • Despite lower-than-expected revenue, Disney believes Cruella Like a success.
  • The second film risks dismantling the complex characterization of the first film.

Emma Stone cautiously discusses Cruella sequel

Hollywood star Emma Stone recently shared some details regarding the progress Cruella 2, The origin of the famous antagonist is explored in the first creation released in 2021 101 Dalmatians, turned into a fur-obsessed fashion designer. Inspired by harmfulThis daring Disney film managed to reinvent the classic villain, making him more powerful than his previous incarnations, both animated and live-action.

A script is currently being developed

in an interview with DiversityEmma Stone indicated that the script for Cruella 2 was still being developed, while she expressed her desire to begin soon as possible, Despite the inability to provide a specific timeline, the actress also indicated her desire to reprise her role.

Cruella: Success despite a mixed start

As the first major red carpet outing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Recipes Cruella That was just a fraction of what Disney looked at for its big pre-pandemic releases. Despite lower than expected revenues, Disney nevertheless considered the film a success and announced a sequel shortly after its 2021 release.

future challenges

However, despite a hint of a possible sequel in the mid-credits scene CruellaThe question arises whether the type of character reinvention presented in the first film would work in the context of already well-known events. To be successful, and make up for the disappointing revenues of the first film, Disney would have to take the time necessary to build the story well.

what we think?

Sequels are common in today’s cinema. However, it is important not to sacrifice quality for quantity. with Cruella 2, Disney has the opportunity to further develop a complex and compelling character. Let’s hope that they take the necessary time to refine the story and present fans with a sequel that lives up to their expectations.

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