Cuba appears to be safe and sound, reported missing in Havana

a young Cuban who There was no trace of him in Havana since January 6.Appeared safe and sound.

Irma Brock, who initially broke the news, said on Facebook, “The young man that we reported was missing since the 6th and was being extorted from Mexico, his aunt told me that the young man Looks safe and sound.”

Brock thanked activist Magdiel Jorge Castro and our media for giving visibility to the news.

Facebook/Irma Brock/Condemning Cuba’s crimes

No information has been revealed about what the young man looked like or what his condition was.

“Thank you very much Mag Jorge Castro, CyberCuba News And all those who helped in some way or the other by sharing the publication or through their good wishes and prayers,” he said.

The young man, identified as Alexandre Aliaga Ramírez, is a resident of the Guínes municipality of Mayabeque province and had been missing since January 6 after going to a party with a friend.

“His aunt contacted me to make a publication in our group and highlight the disappearance of the young man, so we did it, a few hours later he wrote to me very nervously and asked me to remove the publication immediately because Alexander’s life Was in danger. Something I did immediately,” explained Brock, administrator of the Facebook group “Condemning Crimes in Cuba.”

in statements to CyberCubaBrock, who is also the administrator of the aforementioned Facebook group, said his aunt told him after that party The father thought the young man was at one of his ladies’ houses, but then he discovered he was not.,

He says the father called the family in Granma, where he is from, and he was not even at that place.

The worried aunt asked Brock for help and he made a publication in the above group reporting the incident.

He indicated that three or four hours later, the aunt wrote to him asking him to remove the publication because of the extortion money the family was facing.

He also claims that the aunt said that the nephew has no intention of leaving the country.

audio he had access to CyberCuba You have heard how one person demands that the publications be taken down because it could cause more harm to the young person.

Also, the alleged kidnappers demanded a sum of money, details of which are not captured in the audio, and assured that the family would have proof of survival only if they deposited the first deposit.

Irma Brock in the Facebook group “Reporting the Crimes in Cuba” explains that “the aunt and some other relatives were contacted by a man from Mexico, when they refused, the criminal blocked them but sent them that photo In which she was with a young man with a knife on her neck, but it is also clear that it is a conspiracy.

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