Cuba defends itself against attack and is taken into custody to clarify the facts

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Monday 22 January 2024

To clarify to a Cuban citizen that he was the victim of an attack, P.N.R. Was taken into custody by.

Through social networks, activist Glenda Rancano reported the case.

Rancano detailed how the man was prosecuted for defending himself from a criminal who had stabbed him to steal his motorcycle.

The events occurred in the city of San Agustín, municipality of La Lisa in Havana.

“Attempted robbery with violence in San Agustin, La Lisa. Saturday night around 11 pm I received a message from a friend of this man who told me that “they tried to stab him for stealing his motorcycle in San Agustin and he stabbed him”, the young man apparently Defended himself and ultimately got stabbed. Aggressive,” Rancano said.


The Cuban woman said the attacker was taken to the police because he had used a knife to defend himself.

He said, “After the complaint, the police detained this person to clarify what had happened and at the time, the source told me, he was in the 7th unit of San Agustin.”

In the screenshots shown, Cuban states that he defended himself from the attack and expresses his concern that he was the one who was imprisoned when he had only sought to defend himself.

“He stabbed me just for pleasure and I stabbed him in self-defense. I hope justice will be served and they won’t put me in jail for pleasure.”


The Cuban activist assured that he had received dozens of complaints from other residents of San Agustín about the lack of security in that place: “Many residents of that place contacted me to tell me about the number of violent incidents that have occurred in recent weeks In that area of ​​this Havana municipality. Take care, Cubans, this boy was about to become another fatal victim of the wave of violence that is currently troubling Cuba.

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