Customers report that they have not received money on their bank cards

Although financial company Cimex SA said more than a week ago that it had begun crediting remittances sent to bank cards in Cuba, many customers still have not received their money.

One of the affected users, Barbara Rodriguez, expressed her frustration: “I don’t know who will answer me, but I want some answers. From the 29th they sent me money through Small World FS and these are sacred hours when I do not receive a peso. Rodriguez also mentioned the Central Bank of Cuba and Metropolitan Bank in his complaint.

“They said all late sent money will be paid on Friday but I still see people demanding their money and I am also among them, we need to know the whereabouts of our money because we it need. I am tired of writing and even reading messages. He said, “They have blocked me from email, the question is how long do I have to wait?”

Another affected customer, Eva Sahay Teshome, shared her experience: “Since January 26th and still nothing, my fingers are already cramping from taking so much advice from TransferMovil.”

Fincimex has not yet responded publicly to these or other concerns.

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Small World, one of the platforms that continues to receive complaints, had decided to suspend shipments to Cuba until “banking incident” in the island. However, this week they announced their return, meaning the problems have been resolved.

In a statement on Facebook, the company assured: “We have restored transfer service to Cuba. Most transfers sent before the service interruption have been processed and will soon reach their destination. At the moment, AIS card payments are temporarily suspended.

“After more than 1 month of problems, they sent me the money and it is written on the page that it has been credited to the MLC card, but in reality nothing has come to me. The person who sent the money is already claiming, but you tell him that the money has been deposited and it is not true, MLC has not even come on my card,” a person complained on this forum. of.

All this time, Fincimex has not specified what the problems were with the money being sent to Cuba, causing the money sending giant, Western Union, to once again suspend transfers to the island. In separate responses to customers they talked about “testing integration with banking” and “linking shipments to bank accounts.”

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