Daisy Ridley looks back at her desert trip after ‘Star Wars’

For Daisy Ridley, later star wars It felt as if we had crossed the desert a bit. It’s not that the actress didn’t get any offers at the end of the last Intergalactic Trilogy, but there was no bang at the gate either.

“There weren’t many offers,” he recalled during a discussion at the South by Southwest festival and covered. Diversity, “Not that there wasn’t … but I remember, when it was all over, I thought, ‘Oh, it’s weird how quiet it is.’ ,

space void

A peace for which it would be difficult to provide a definitive explanation, even if it is certain that the fans have a moderate attachment. star wars The character of Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, may not have helped. Rather innocuous, the role did not really allow the actress to showcase her talents, knowing that she only had one feature film under her belt at the time of the release of the first film in the trilogy.

And after some less memorable projects since the saga came to a close in 2019 rise of skywalker, it seems Daisy Ridley has nothing better to do than bring out her lightsaber. In fact, last November the actress admitted that she was starring in the next film star wars And why not a possible trilogy too?

We’ll still see a certain similarity with the original saga: where Harrison Ford had opportunities to play other heroes (just like Adam Driver), Carrie Fisher will always be known for her role as Princess Leia.

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