Dead whale found on Garita Palmera beach in Ahuachapán

It is the second cetacean recently found dead on Salvadoran beaches. On February 1, Environment reported a humpback whale in La Libertad

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Maran) announced this Saturday the location of a dead whale on Garita Palmeira beach in the department of Ahuachapán.

The state ministry said it was in an advanced state of decay. Without giving further details about the above protocol, Marn said, “The final disposal of the body will be carried forward following the protocols established for these cases.”

He explained that the process being carried out is based on the “Action Plan for the Care of Cetacean Strandings”, which includes technical, logistical and resource guidelines for responding to incidents of this type.

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“This plan is part of our national cetacean conservation program,” Marn said.

As of Saturday afternoon, the government entity has not mentioned a possible cause of death, nor the dimensions of the cetacean.

This is the second incident in which a dead whale has been found on Salvadoran beaches in recent days. On February 1, the environment warned about the discovery of a lifeless humpback whale on Xanadu beach in La Libertad, 45 kilometers southeast of San Salvador.

“We regret to report the discovery of a humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) in a state of decomposition, with no probable cause of death specified,” Marn said in a statement.

On that occasion officials called for “civic responsibility” for “proper use of fishing nets”, as well as “conscious management of plastic waste” and for boats to “respect the appropriate distance” when encountering whales. called upon.

“These actions are important to prevent accidents and protect our marine ecosystem,” he said in a statement posted on his X account.

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