Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt… these stars who don’t drink (or don’t drink anymore)

Without alcohol, the party is worthless, as the saying goes. i have to say this world of hollywood Celebration is synonymous with parties of all kinds amidst glitz, celebrations and red carpets. If champagne glasses are increasingly distributed everywhere, the fact is that some celebrities categorically refuse them, because they have draw a line on alcohol, Actress Blake Lively As he said, this is the first example to coax in 2012 : “I don’t drink and I’ve never done any drugs. It’s not like I’ve decided on this lifestyle and imposed it on myself. It’s just things I don’t really like. Jealousy. “, for his part, Daniel Radcliffe stopped drinkingThe one who was in the cinema.“I change when I drink. There is something about people who drink harmfully that attracts chaos.”He had been sober for 17 months, he told the Telegraph in 2016. This is another reason that pushed Jennifer Lopez forward Stop: Beauty. “I believe it hurts the skin”she explained to the magazine in style In 2003, before continuing: “Apparently, when toasting in the evening, everyone tells me, ‘You can’t make toast with water.’ So I toast with wine and just dip my lips”,

Alcohol as an escape

, Demi Lovato decided to give up alcohol, In January 2019, the singer proudly celebrated her sixth (…)

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