Orientales defeated Lisie by forcing a seventh game

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santo domingo,-rObinson Cano hit two doubles and a single in Estrellas Orientales’ 4-3 victory over Tigres del Licey this Friday night in the sixth game of the Dominican Baseball League’s final series, in which the dedicated Banerceras Cup is disputed for Omphalia Morillo.

With the win, Orientales played their third, seventh and ninth games in Dominican League history. The Stars had lost their last two matches in 1988 (vs. Chosen) and 2000 (vs. Eagles).

While the Tigers are going into their fourth contest, all against the Eagles, it will be their first since 2005 (they lost), with the previous contests taking place in 1984 and 1953.

A three-run rally in the sixth inning sealed the victory for the Stars, who in the process snapped a three-game losing streak after starting the last stretch of the tournament with one win out of two.

The Stars took control of the game with three runs, two of them on hits to Miguel Sano and a transfer to Yangervis Solarte with the bases loaded. The third came via a sacrifice fly by Webster Rivas to right field.

The Tigers threatened in the ninth inning on a hit by Luis Barrera early in the episode, but reliever Neftali Feliz forced Sergio Alcantara to ground to catcher, struck out Emilio Bonifacio and scored on a fly ball to left field by Gustavo Núñez. Dominated by. End the meeting.

Esmil Rogers (W, 2-1) pitched five innings, allowing four hits, including one earned run, two walks and five strikeouts among the 21 batters he faced.

Neftali Feliz (S,5) allowed two hits with two strikeouts in two innings.

Cesar Valdez struck out the first 20 batters he faced over five innings, allowing four hits, one earned run, one walk, and three strikeouts.

William Jerez (P, 0-1) had two hits in 0.1 innings, allowing two earned runs.

For elephants; Robinson Cano went 3-for-4, scoring, double, and RBI; Dairon Blanco 4-3, scored; Raimel Tapia scored 3–1; Yangervis Solarte 2-1, RBI.

For tigers; Luis Barrera 4-3; Yadiel Hernandez 4-1, scored, home run; two drawn; Francisco Mejía scored, 3–1; Davel Lugo 4-1; Gustavo Nunez 1 for 4, RBI, walk; , Emilio Bonifacio scored 5–1.

Coverage of Game 7 of the Finals Series begins at 7 p.m. on national television with the Stars pre-game program on Coral Channel 39.

and by La Voz de las Fuerzas Armadas (102.7 FM/106.9), radio dial 670 AM and La 98 FM originating from Tetelo Vargas Stadium.

seventh game in lidom

Year No. the champion Leader Subject beef
1952 1 Eagles Rodolfo Fernandez Lisi 4-3
1955-56 2 Selected frank genovese Eagles 4-3
1983-84 12 Lisi Manny Mota Eagles 4-3
1987-88 10 Selected Phil Regan Stars 4-3
1999-00 fifteen Eagles tony pena Stars 4-3
2001-02 17 Lisi bob geren Eagles 4-3
2004-05 18 Eagles felix fermin Lisi 4-3
2017-18 twenty-one Eagles lino rivera Lisi 4-3
2020-21 22 Eagles felix fermin veteran 4-3

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