Demi Lovato Shares Her Best Beauty Advice and Worst Haircut – Interview

It’s a soft glamor moment for Demetria “Demi” Lovato today — dusty pink tones, bushy lashes. Her caramel coated lips have a comic book sheen, as if highlighted in pure white. Lovato’s shoulders are wrapped in black, and Gothic script is inscribed on either side of her collarbones; One has “love” written on it and the other has “fear”.

The actor and singer recently partnered with Merz Aesthetics’ injectable neurotoxin Xeomin to push the Beauty on Your Terms campaign. “It gives me the results I want for my brows, but it also helps me look like me,” says Lovato. to coax Recently on a Zoom call, dialing in from the glamorous living room of her Los Angeles home. The interior is a series of contrasts: forest green walls beneath petal-pink curtains; A crooked mirror on an oriental rug. I know there’s a shampoo bowl just outside the frame, thanks to a tour of his house he once gave to the press.

Taken straight to Hollywood at the age of 15 by Disney Channel’s child star vehicle, Lovato offered herself to the public. At 31, he is still returning to his tastes and preferences; Since 2021, Lovato has been vocal about identifying somewhere between the masculine and feminine binary. At that time, they adopted they/them pronouns, but since 2023 have used they/them interchangeably. He is no stranger to self-reflection, having already been the subject of three documentary series on his career; There’s a New Name Directed by Lovato child starScheduled to premiere in 2024.

Among all these actions, Xiaomin’s campaign seemed particularly compassionate. “It’s all about the importance of who you are and staying true to the choices you make to look and feel your best,” Lovato says. Previous faces include Christina Aguilera and Lovato’s Disney Channel co-star Joe Jonas.

Here, Lovato chats with Allure about a number of beauty-focused topics, including at-home facials, her favorite hair masks and injectables (and how they relate to her growing existential dread).

The following conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.

to coax:Was Xeomin Injection your first experience with neurotoxins?

Demi Lovato: This wasn’t my first experience, but it is the first time I feel really good about the products I am using. As you get older, you’re like, ‘Okay, what can I do to look like my most confident self?’ I’m not always happy, you know? I wear less clothes and feel more comfortable with minimal makeup on my days off. So I wanted to get that natural look.

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