Demi Lovato’s team discusses her viral “Heart Attack” performance for heart attack survivors

Demi Lovato publicly revealed that she once had a heart attack after a drug overdose. Now, as the moment goes viral online, Lovato’s team has shared a statement ew about the performance, revealing that they had actually discussed their reasons for choosing the song.

“He spoke about the mind-heart connection,” the representative wrote. “It was a sensitive moment aimed at championing the women in the room – that’s why Demi was on the show. He started with a beautiful introduction about why he chose to sing and addressed the room, talking about the connection of the mind and heart. It was really a beautiful moment.”

In his documentary, dance with the devilLovato reveals the extent of her overdose which led to a heart attack.

“I had three strokes, I had a heart attack, the strokes caused brain damage,” Lovato said. “I can’t drive anymore. I have blind spots in my vision, so sometimes when I go for a glass of water, I miss the cup because I can’t see it anymore. I got pneumonia because my I was suffocated and many of my organs had stopped functioning.” If he had been taken to the hospital five to ten minutes later, he would have died.

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