“Despair”: what is included in this psychological practice that helps to regain happiness

A new book has highlighted the importance of making changes to daily routines to force us to look at the world from a fresh, fresh and positive perspective.

the sadness.  Photo: Unsplash.
the sadness. Photo: Unsplash.

in a world where monotony and comfort often entangles one in an endless cycle of repetition, a new book is creating a stir by offering Solution Bold: “Unfortunately”, However, the questions that surround this practice are how it can help regain lost happiness and why it became so popular.

According to experts, many people feel trapped infinite loopWhere what used to be exciting and stimulating currently only contributes to Daily boredom. This constant repetition has been compared to being trapped under a kind of shell, which becomes more rigid and oppressive over time.

the sadness.  Photo: Unsplash. the sadness. Photo: Unsplash.

What is the solution to this very common problem? The answer may seem obvious: break routine, However, it is important to highlight what science says about the phenomenon of habituation and how effective it is when putting it into practice.

“One of the reasons diversification leads to happiness is that it puts you in learning curveAnd learning is intrinsically rewarding,” said Sharot. “Since change often leads to learning, Happiness may increase“He added.

the sadness.  Photo: Unsplash. the sadness. Photo: Unsplash.

dogs.  Photo: Unsplash

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“Switch off” to get happiness back.

the concept of getting used toWhere the brain reduces its response to repetitive stimuli over time is important to understand why things that once brought pleasure lose their impact over time. Tali Sharotteacher of University College London and of M.I.T.with Cass R Sunsteinexplored this topic in his book “Revisiting: The Power of Feeling What Always Was”where they propose “to corrupt” To regain lost happiness.

To distractAs the authors describe it, it involves changes to daily routines to force a person to see the world from a fresh and new perspective. According to the authors, this process allows us to grow and discover more happiness Seeing the known in life with a new perspective.

the sadness.  Photo: Unsplash. the sadness. Photo: Unsplash.

The impact of habit goes beyond sensory perceptions, affecting deeper aspects of everyday life such as Work And this personal relationships, Sherrott highlights how certain habits, such as racism and sexism, can become normal if one is not aware of them.

Ultimately, the message of the book challenges us to break the cycle of comfort and repetition that many people find themselves stuck in, especially as they age. adopt in this sense “Disappointment” It cannot just be a choice, but an urgent need to create the joy of living again.

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