Diabetics should not use smart watches or rings to measure blood sugar, according to FDA

diabetic user Avoid using wearable devices such as smartwatches and smart rings that claim to measure blood sugar levels without using skin-piercing methods, as they do not provide accurate results and may pose health risks. Are, as warned. United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Glucose levels, or the amount of sugar circulating in the blood, are commonly used by people with diabetes to monitor whether their blood sugar levels are within a healthy range. In the event that these values ​​increase or fall below the established limits, users should take measures to restore them to avoid worsening of their disease.

In this sense, some tools ‘wearable’ like ‘Smartwatch’ Or smart rings offer the ability to measure blood sugar among their functions. However, the FDA, the body in charge of monitoring the medical device market in the United States, has warned users to avoid using these devices to measure their blood sugar levels, as they do not give accurate results and pose health risks. Can produce.

As the FDA explained in a statement, for people with diabetes, inaccurate blood glucose measurements can lead to serious errors, such as incorrect doses of insulin or other medications that produce glucose faster. These errors can cause glucose levels to become dangerously low and, therefore, can lead to symptoms ranging from mental confusion to coma or even death “a few hours after the error”.

Thus, according to this body, smart watches or rings that claim to measure blood sugar levels “without puncturing the skin”, for example, by a finger prick, cannot accurately obtain this information. Are, because it is necessary to analyze the blood directly of the user in question.

Similarly, he explained that, instead, these ‘wearable devices’, such as the Apple Watch, could be combined with other applications that could be used to display data collected by blood glucose measurement devices. Which have been authorized by the FDA. These devices use methods that pierce the skin.

Therefore, the FDA emphasizes that, at this time, it has made recommendations to consumers, patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers against using any smart watch or ring for the purpose of measuring or estimating “self” glucose values. Has not been authorized or approved. Avoid using these types of devices, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

Following this line, it is also explained that, in a situation where the user’s medical condition depends on accurate blood glucose measurement, the relevant healthcare provider should be spoken to so that they can choose the device “suitable for their needs”. Can recommend and approve. FDA.

For their part, healthcare providers should also inform their patients about the risks of using unauthorized smart watches, rings or other types of blood glucose measuring devices.

Monitoring blood sugar levels without using invasive methods such as finger pricking is a technology that is still being researched. In fact, as Bloomberg shared in 2022, companies like Samsung with its Galaxy Ring RingOn which he currently continues to work, Apple and Google are exploring the development of a technology that allows non-invasive glucose monitoring.

This technology would mean a huge improvement for users with diseases like diabetes, as it would mean they would not need to puncture the skin every time they measure glucose. However, at the moment, there is no other option.

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