Did Alan Mojo throw a bottle at Chicote Calderon? Video

America’s 3–0 victory over Chivas has been marred by controversy after fans of both clubs exchanged accusations over a video in which Alan Mojo allegedly tried to attack Cristian Calderon,

Video of Mojo’s alleged attack

On the TikTok account @tonyy_18 you can see how, before the match started, Calderón approached the Chivas bench to congratulate his former teammates, although Mozo acted suspiciously on the inside,

The red and white defender, one of the most active in the game, appears on the scene with a bottle in hand, who He threw it very close to where Calderon wasWhereas he could have left it in the cooler, as the rest of his classmates did.

Chikote continued moving along the bench without paying attention to the thrown object. The waiter shouted something towards his colleaguesWithout understanding what it means.

The young man almost collected the bit

The attitude Mojo displayed throughout the match came close to starting a fight at the end of the first half, when he clashed with Álvaro Fidalgo, leading to a scuffle between the two teams.

pumas youth squad he chose to go to the locker roomDespite the fact that Fidalgo himself and Brian Rodriguez tried to combat it.

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