Dinano claims to be nostalgic for not winning a title with Pumas

The Argentinian striker was sold by the Universidad team to Brazil’s Cruzeiro

Juan Ignacio Dineno He regrets not being able to become champion cougar, The Argentinian striker, who left last week UNAM As for Brazil’s move to Cruzeiro, he said he was nostalgic for not being able to become champion after wearing the club’s colors for four years. The striker said goodbye to the club and all Oriyazul fans on his Instagram account.

The great Joaquin says, “There is no worse nostalgia than yearning for something that never happened, and how right he is, there was nothing I wanted more than being able to be a champion cougar“, the ‘Commander’ said on the said social network.

“Nobody wants to leave this huge club, but the club is above all. “I’m leaving with the satisfaction of giving everything, always putting the group first, not being able to blame myself for anything, not having ‘what ifs’,” he said.

dineno He expressed pride in entering the institute’s top 10 historical scorers, a milestone achieved in the tournament when he equaled Martín Bravo in the said list.

“Becoming the 10th historical scorer of this club today, and sometimes wearing the captain’s ribbon are achievements on a personal level that, although they were never goals, are a source of pride, joy today and will always be in my life”, emphasizes the South American. Gave.

At the end, dineno He thanked all those who helped him better develop as a professional, as he took the time to list the people who have worked at the club.

“Thank you to everyone who came to Cantera every day to provide us with all the comforts, the medical staff, the props, the cooks, they were a very important part of this story, I will always keep them in my memories. Thank you to the coaching staff who treated me with respect every day and gave me their tools, ideas, experiences to become a better professional,” he concluded.

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