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The manufactured gas company of the Cuban capital Havana informed its customers that gas service will be affected by a failure in the Energas SA Boca de Jaruco pipeline, which supplies its production plants. This failure will affect the amount of gas sent to the capital and its residents. According to reports shared in official media, service will be partially or completely disrupted in the municipalities of Plaza, Cerro, La Habanavieja, Centrohabana, 10 de Octubre, Playa and Marianao, especially during lunch hours.

“We are working tirelessly to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this disruption may cause.”

Affects gas service throughout Cuba

Sales of liquefied gas, also known as “Balita gas”, have fluctuated across the country in recent months. Las Tunas’s UEB Territorial Division of Fuel Marketing (DTCC) acknowledged difficulties in getting the product online, and noted that, today, in addition to connection problems, only 95 cylinders were offered to 1,508 active customers.

In Cienfuegos, it was also reported that the sale of liquefied gas to the population would be reactivated. But, customers with late deliveries will be given priority, and the virtual store will reopen its service only next Monday, with sales programming scheduled for February.

The gas situation in Matanzas and Holguín is as follows: In Matanzas, gas supply to children’s daycare centers, health centers and some selected points of sale is guaranteed. Sales will resume in virtual stores whenever possible. Distribution plan for point of sale will be reported soon. Meanwhile, in Holguín, sales in virtual stores are expected to resume on Monday, 02-19-2024, if circumstances permit. Otherwise, any changes will be informed in time.

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