Do you want to know your physical condition? Eufy Smart Scale reduced to US$33

Staying fit is more than keeping your body weight under control. In fact, the more informed you are about your health, the more aware you will be of all the data you need to monitor. In that case, why not buy one scale that measures everything?

The Eufy P2 Smart Scale is one of my favorite tools in the fitness arena because it not only tells you how much you weigh but it also measures body fat, body mass index, muscle mass, and many other health-related values. But do you know what is the best? Right now, you can buy it at a 34% discount on its regular price, so you’ll only have to pay $33.

A small warning: If you are pregnant or use a pacemaker, you should not use this scale as it produces a small current that runs through the body and could stop the pacemaker or the baby in the womb. Can damage.

This scale includes powerful and sensitive sensors to detect small changes in weight, body fat, body mass index or muscle and bone mass, among other indicators.

Plus, each family member can have their own profile as this scale is smart enough to differentiate them.

US$33 US$50 on amazon

Monitor all relevant health indicators with this powerful smart scale.  (Amazon)Monitor all relevant health indicators with this powerful smart scale.  (Amazon)

Monitor all relevant health indicators with this powerful smart scale. (Amazon)

Why is it a good investment?

This device has a lot of features that we’ll talk about later, but basically it’s a good deal because it’s over 30% off if you’re an Amazon Prime user. This is an excellent tool if you’ve decided to get fit for the next year.

US$33 US$50 on amazon

Why do you need it?

The Eufy P2 Smart Scale includes several interesting features, however the most notable is that it designs a virtual 3D model of your body. During the configuration phase you will need to enter all your measurements (height, waist, arm length, etc.) and it will show you an avatar of your current physical condition. The model changes as the scale collects data about the changes you experience over time. Then you can see how far you’ve come. Therefore, it will become a powerful motivational tool when you don’t feel like exercising.

It also syncs with third-party apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit so you can accurately track your physical activity throughout the day. With an IPX5 waterproof rating, you won’t have to worry about water droplets getting on the scale when you get out of the shower. And its non-slip finish guarantees that you can stand on it without fear of slipping.

Eufy has a 15 month limited warranty if something happens to the scale, but you should know that I have accidentally dropped and flipped it several times and it still works fine. It has really been an invaluable help in keeping me in shape.

US$33 US$50 on amazon

What do the reviews say?

“This scale has been helpful in monitoring our progress in our weight loss journey. The whole family, including the dogs, have our profile and can see how much progress we are making. It’s convenient to be able to see everything in one place. It’s also a big help for people who are trying to lose weight because it allows us to see how we’re achieving our goals,” said one fan. And he’s right: You can use one of its secondary functions to weigh your pet.

Another shopper praised: “I love that it collects so much data because it gives a more holistic view of my health! Tracking parameters is definitely more fun! I used to set a goal to lose a few pounds, but I’ve adjusted it to include other indicators that this scale provides. It really evaluates everything, not just weight. It’s great to see continued progress in so many areas for a beginner like me!”

However, one buyer warned: “I have to mention one potential disadvantage. Using the Smart Scale P2 with multiple users is not very easy. “For example, if you share the scale with your partner or roommate, you’ll need to make sure each person is logged into the correct profile in the app.”

US$33 US$50 on amazon

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