Doctors’ letter to Monica Garcia for A+ and another law

Although they know that some of their claims are beyond the powers Ministry of HealthMedical union representatives rely on working together Monica Garcia activate and accelerate the implementation of professional category A1+ and consolidation of one “Special” laws for physicians, He has told this by writing a letter to the minister, in which he has admitted the increasing problems regarding his employment and financial condition.

The letter, accessed by this newspaper, is signed by officials of the State Confederation of Medical Unions (tomas toranzo), Euskadi Medical Union (Mabel Arciniega), Andalusian Medical Union (rafael ojeda) and Metages de Catalunya (xavier leonart), who asks Minister García for “a meeting to present two urgent problems” which they consider necessary to “jointly address to improve the situation” of doctors in Spain.

specific laws for doctors

First, they externalize their “Worry” Regarding the hypothetical reclassification of professional groups that the Central Executive is trialling, that would open itself up to the possibility of placing nursing on the A1 scale. That is, the one in which the doctors are located. “There have been occasions when doctors have requested a specific law that covers our special conditions of work; But in addition, we consider it important that the third transitional provision Basic Law of Public EmployeesWhich address different taxonomic groups,” he indicates.

In this sense, they defend the creation of a category different from the current A1 group “that is adapted to the level of training and responsibility required for the practice national health system,

“As you are well aware of your medical condition, in accordance with current regulations, Undergraduate and graduate in medicine They accredit their degrees with a master’s level that corresponds to a Grade 3 National MECES and level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EFQ), a category limited to certain professional groups because of the number of credits required for their training and the responsibility that comes with the performance of their duties.


2010 deduction recovery

On the other hand, the Center sends a “unanimous demand of all the unions” to the minister regarding the “urgent need to resolve the grievance” of the doctors. cut in 2010, When this royal decree was approved, salary deduction occurred proportionately,” while the small recovery that has occurred in recent years “They’re linear”,

“For this reason, doctors will remain especially affected, Because we have not yet fully obtained the amount that allows us to eliminate this loss of purchasing power that we have been suffering for more than a decade,” he adds.

In their letter, the unions claimed to be “aware” that some of these issues “exceed the powers” of Health. However, he reiterated the need to hold a meeting “to table the consensus of the professional unions on these two specific concerns of doctors and jointly find out what steps should be taken”. install systems “That they can find a solution.”

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