Doctors, nurses, and competition in health care: “Become a singer”

Relationships between different health professions that converge into one hospital or health center This is important for the development of your work and hence, for development of patients in their care, Despite the need to navigate in the same direction, the focus can also be on health institutions bad work environmentespecially between different levels National Health System (SNS).

Actually, many times Rivalry goes beyond the workplace and goes even further Social Networks as you understood Alyssa Rios, medical student and content creator. She herself says that she has been “very lucky” with the hospital where she is doing her university internship, because “the health workers get along quite well with each other.” However, he also claims that he has seen criticism from “all” professional ranks on platforms like TikTok, a situation he wanted to be critical of in one of his videos.

Reason for rivalry among health workers

he wanted to address someone nhs professional To remind you of the true reason for your work. “It’s your job and your responsibility Patient well-being and health“, he says, and then wonders why there are so many Criticism among colleagues. She herself believes she has the answer, maintaining that “it is merely a reflection of a much larger social problem: selfishness and need for recognition,

In keeping with the ‘engine’ that inspires his work, he used the occasion to send a message of advice to those who forget this. “If you want to be recognized instead of becoming a nursing, medical or health technician; If you’re looking for recognition, become a singer.“, he recommends, because in his opinion “if what you want are qualifications, the hospital is not the place to get them.” Referring once again to the material he sees on the Internet, he several times admit that Doubts about the perception that some health workers have about their work, “I wonder whether these people work for human health or to become pop stars,” he concluded.

@elisariosmontes We work as a team in a high-stress environment and as an essential community service. We don’t need any more problems #medicine #doctor #nursing #nurse #tcae #hospital Original Sound – Skincare – Elisa Rios Montes

The welcome video on his profile is supported by many health students and SNS professionals who have the same opinions as Rios. One of his followers claimed in the comments of the post that he has seen several Nurse Materials published by nursing care technicians (TCAEs) “who are dedicated to undermining themselves”. “It shocked me a lot,” he admits.

Another follower of Rios believes the same This rivalry is “encouraged by training”., whether it is a Vocational Training (FP) cycle or a university degree. ,How often do teachers make classist comments?” she asks. And this situation has reached such an extent that even people outside it understand it from the outside, as another user pointed out in the comments of the video. “I work in a hospital and I work in health “I’m not an activist, and I hear things like they’re in school,” he says.

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